Jen Duffy is now offering Cytowave treatment!

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Cytowave therapy is effective treatment for swollen and enlarged muscles, bone microfractures and tendon/ligament microtears that result from the demands of athletic activity. Cytowave treatment can quickly reduce damaging inflammation and help alleviate the associated pain, in many cases, it can provide immediate relief.

Maintenance & Inflammation

Tendon & Ligmanent Injuries




Bucked Shins


Cytowave is a patented, new technology based on specific tissue signals. We understand that the first instinct is to slap a label on us and put us in a box. Most often we hear, “So you’re like Shockwave or Pulsed Magnetic Therapy.” In a word, no. We are a non-invasive, new technology that is a combination of non-pulsing magnetic therapy, RF therapy and Squid Therapy Signals.

How do we get these tissue signals? A Super Quantum Interference Device (SQUID) was used to detect the natural signals emitted from normal and damaged tissues. The inventor recorded the difference between these signals and developed his proprietary “healing wave” with this information.  A magnetic coil delivers the tissue-derived Squid Therapy Signals.

These proprietary, naturally-derived signals are called SQUID Therapy SignalsTM. These signals are designed to greatly increase the natural repair process of the body at a cellular level.This proprietary STS – Electromagnetic treatment method is not PEMF and should not be confused with this older technology.

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